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Lettuce mottle virus (LMoV)

The  Lettuce mottle virus (LMoV) has no classification (Figure 1). It is transmitted by the garden sow thistle aphid Hyperomyzus lactucae , in the persistent mode.

- Symptoms

Marbling and mosaic on lettuce leaves, preceded by thinning of the veins. The size of the young leaves is reduced and they are deformed. Leaf necrosis is also observed and the head may be affected.

- Main characteristics

This virus has only been described in Brazil since 1986. It is currently poorly characterized and therefore still not classified. Recent data shows that it is DaYMV or an extremely close virus. Its host range is not known; only lettuce seems to be affected. It does not appear to be transmissible by seed. Several cultivars have been shown to be resistant during varietal screening.

Last change : 04/27/21
Figure 1