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Protection methods

There is no curative control method capable of effectively controlling the  Endive necrotic mosaic virus (ENMV) during cultivation. Usually, an infected plant will remain infected for the rest of its life.

The insufficiency of data concerning the epidemiology of ENMV does not make it possible to really propose specific preventive control methods . As you can see in the sheets on other salad viruses transmitted by aphids, many measures put in place to limit their epidemics are common. We therefore suggest that you consult some of them, in particular those devoted to potyviruses (LMV ), in order to choose and implement fairly general antivirus methods (elimination of weeds, protection of nurseries against vectors, elimination of the first diseased plants ...) .

In the future, the method that will prevail is likely to be the use of resistant varieties . A first evaluation of the susceptibility of varieties belonging to several types of lettuce showed that most cultivars of butter lettuce were immune, as were the few romaines tested. In iceberg-type lettuce, several varieties have been shown to be very susceptible and others to be immune. Preliminary results show a concordance between the sensitivity of icebergs to ENMV and TuMV. Research on links between certain genes for sensitivity or resistance to this virus is in progress.

NB: Controlling insect populations on a crop implies, depending on the situation, the use of insecticides. As the number of insecticides available for a given use is constantly changing, we advise you to consult the e-phy site of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries which is an online catalog of plant protection products and their uses, materials. fertilizers and growing media approved in France . This also applies to all biological products based on microorganisms or natural substances.

Last change : 04/29/21