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Olpidium virulentus (Sahtiy) Karling 

(Fungal vector virus)

- Classification: Fungi, Zygomycota, Chytridiomycetes, Incertae_sedis_, Incertae_sedis_, Olpidiaceae
- synonyme : Olpidium brassicae (Woronin) P.A. Dang., (1886)
- English name: Fungal vector virus


Olpidium virulentus, obligate parasitic fungus, is in fact a "non-cruciferous" strain of the species Olpidium brassicae sensu lato which was renamed following recent biological and molecular analyzes carried out in several species of Olpidium . It is certainly widespread worldwide and is not considered to be pathogenic for the majority of the plants on which it has been observed. It is reported on salad roots grown both in soil and in soil, and it is particularly feared in lettuce as a vector of two serious viruses: the ( lettuce large vein virus Mirafiori lettuce big vein virus , MLBBV ) and the agent ring necrosis lettuce ( lettuce ring necrosis agent , LRNA ).

Note that the information contained in this sheet comes from the bibliography on the species Olpidium brassicae before molecular methods make it possible to differentiate them from others within the same taxon.

Last change : 04/26/21