Description of the insect


  • The adult, which measures 6 to 10 mm, is green in color with a very developed pronotum which forms two triangular horns. The dorsal ridge is a bit shorter than the body and does not completely obscure the wings. Seen from the side, this green hull is convex and ends in a point. The pronotum is punctuated with white dots. The eyes are in a lateral position because of the enlargement of the head. The wings are transparent (figures 1 to 3). The female has a long, powerful retractable auger and a knife-blade shaped oviscaptor.
  • The larva is gray-brown, rounded and laterally flattened, with hooks with thorns along the top of the back (Figure 4).

 Both larvae and adults feed by biting the host plant. It is a stinging-sucking insect present on many woody or herbaceous plants.

Last change : 04/20/21
Figure 1
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Figure 4