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Symptoms of Verticillium dahliae on tomato



  • Organs attacked  :

Verticillium dahliae mainly attacks the vascular system of plants, but symptoms are also on the leaves.

Leaves Rods


  • Symptoms :
    • Discreet withering of the lower leaflets at the hottest times of the day, reversible during the night.
    • Softening and progressive yellowing of sectors of the leaf blade, often interveinal and V-shaped (figures ). These eventually turn brown and become necrotic.
    • Premature death of leaflets and leaves, leaving fruits exposed to the sun.
    • More or less marked browning of the vessels of the lower part of the stem extending over time and reaching the branches.
    • Weakening of plants and reduction of yields.
  • Signs  : no particular signs present on the plants.
  • Possible confusion : other Solanaceae vascular diseases ( Bacterial wilt , Fusarium).


  • Production areas affected:

Mayotte Reunion
Last change : 05/09/22
  • Author :
  • D Blancard (INRAe)
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