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Vegetable crops in French Polynesia



French Polynesia is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is made up of 118 islands scattered over a territory as large as Europe, but the emerged part of which represents only 4,032 km² (ie half the size of Corsica).


A dispersed and diversified territory and production

French Polynesia is made up of five archipelagos characterized by very varied landscapes and different climatic conditions where agricultural production diverges:

  • the Society Islands: high islands with a humid tropical climate where the majority of the population resides and where production is very diversified (market gardening, food, fruit, horticultural plants);
  • the Marquesas : high islands with a humid tropical climate where fruit production is dominant (citrus) - the Tuamotus: coral atolls with a humid tropical climate where copra production dominates;
  • the Gambiers and the Austral Islands: high islands with a more temperate climate where vegetable production is dominant with the cultivation of temperate vegetables (carrots, potatoes, broccoli, leeks, etc.) and taro.


Small farms with varied production methods

Most vegetable production takes place in the Society Islands and the Austral Islands. It occupies 1,200 Ha and is characterized by small farms (less than one hectare for 75% of them), due to the scarcity of flat land and the undivided ownership of 20% of agricultural land.

The farms are divided into:

  • field cultivation (all crops);
  • outdoor hydroponic soilless culture (salad, Chinese cabbage);
  • soilless cultivation in greenhouses (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers), greenhouses are for the vast majority open greenhouses


Towards an increase in the coverage rate

The main vegetables grown are tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, Chinese cabbage, green cabbage and taro, which alone account for 70% of the sector's total. The production of fresh vegetables amounts to 5,000 tons per year and is intended solely for local consumption. These products cover 45% of the needs of the population for market gardening and less than 10% for food products.


Cultivated vegetables :

- Amaryllidaceae: leek, green onion

- Apiaceae: carrot, parsley

- Aracées : taro

- Asteraceae: salad (lettuce, romaine, etc.)

- Brassicaceae: green cabbage, Chinese cabbage, turnip

- Convolvulaceae: sweet potato

- Cucurbitaceae: cucumber, zucchini, melon, watermelon

- Dioscoreaceae: yam

- Euphorbiaceae: cassava

- Fabaceae: green bean, long bean

- Solanaceae: tomato, eggplant, potato

Last change : 07/21/22
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