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Tomato yellow leaf curl virus  (TYLCV)*

Tomato spoon yellow leaf virus
and other associated viral species



  • Begomovirus transmitted by the whitefly  Bemisia tabaci according to the circulating persistent mode, essentially subservient to the phloem of plants.
  • TYLCV and viral species associated with yellow leaf curl are now widespread in many countries on all continents*.
  • Responsible for significant drops in yield that can exceed 60%, in situations of early attack the harvest can be completely compromised.
  • Virus rather specialized in Solanaceae.
  • Observed mainly in the open field, sometimes under shelter.


  • Susceptible botanical family(s)


  • Production areas affected :
Mayotte Reunion
Guyana New Caledonia


  • Organs attacked


*The emergence of yellow leaf curl in many Solanaceae production areas around the world has given rise to the description of several strains, then of internationally recognized species: Tomato yellow leaf curl virus ( TYLCV, integrating the original virus as well as the strains Israel, Almeria, etc.), Tomato yellow leaf curl Sardinia virus (TYLCSV), Tomato yellow leaf curl Malaga virus (TYLCMalV, Tomato yellow leaf curl China virus (TYLCCNV), Tomato curl Kanchanaburi virus (TYLCKaV), Tomato yellow leaf curl Thailand virus (TYLCTHV)…... The situation is comparable ToLCV. Note that all these viruses reveal comparable biological properties. In order to avoid redundancies, we will only develop the knowledge on TYLCV, which should give you enough information to be able to interpret and manage outbreaks linked to many Begomoviruses.

Last change : 07/07/22
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