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Interests and limits


Factors studied

Positive effects


Negative effects

Work organization



- Need for local availability of seeds.


- Decrease in insecticide applications.

- Reduction of irrigation thanks to the limitation of crop evapotranspiration through hedges.


- Increase in operating costs and variable mechanization depending on the facilities put in place and their management.


- Windbreak effect of hedges and barrier effect against pests.

- Limitation by hedges of pollution generated by fertilizing and phytosanitary inputs.

- Protection against soil erosion.

- Improvement of soil fertility in the case of sowing under permanent cover.


- Decrease in cultivated area.

- Increased competition between the edge of the plot and the development.

- Reservoir for certain pests.

Product qualities

- Less pesticide residues.

- Less damage to products because fewer pests.


- Increase in functional biodiversity.

- Reduction in the transfer of phytosanitary products with the reduction in the use of insecticides.

Energy consumption

- Reduced fuel consumption if facilities are located on non-productive areas that were previously weeded with herbicide or mechanically.


- Fuel consumption for planting, harvesting or destroying relay plants or maintaining hedges.

Last change : 07/07/22