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Physical barriers


  • Definition and role in the reduction of phytosanitary products :  implementation of devices preventing insect pests and birds from reaching plants or fruits. These devices include in particular anti-insect nets or any other physical barrier (fruit bagging, sticky strips around the trunks, etc.). The nets can also be used to slow down the entomophilous propagation of certain fungi and to protect the crop from wind and rain (limitation of their erosive effect).
  • Against which pests? Aerial pests (fruit flies, vegetable flies, whiteflies, thrips, aphids, thecla, etc.), birds, fruit bats and certain fungi.
  • On which crops? Market gardening in open fields and in greenhouses.
  • When ? The physical barrier can be permanent or temporary, in the latter case it must be installed before the crop risk period(s).
  • In what conditions ? The protection of crops by a physical barrier must be considered, in particular so as not to prevent the pollination of flowers (cucurbits, fruit trees). It must be removable, in particular to facilitate its removal in the event of a warning of strong winds. For anti-insect nets, several types of weaving exist: “wrap knitting” weaving and mesh, Ultravent or Fil-Bio nets from Texinnov®, multifilament nets from Diatex®.
  • Regulations no : specific regulations regarding use. However, after use, dispose of unusable plastic barriers via plastic collection centers.
  • Working time : the exposure time can be relatively long. After installation, check the tightness of the physical barrier.
  • Compatibility of alternative techniques with each other:



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