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Symptoms of Myrothecium on basella


  • Organs attacked :


  • Symptoms
    • Initially, moist to greasy circular lesions located on the limbus or in the periphery.
    • Subsequently, the spots spread widely, take on a pale brown color, and gradually become necrotic (figures 1 and 2).
    • Their center clears up and some discreet concentric patterns can be observed there; a more or less marked and diffuse yellow halo surrounds them.
  • Signs : presence of greyish to black sporiferous pads: sporodochia (figure 2). These structures are made up of numerous phialides which form at their end cylindrical conidia, hyaline to slightly olive-coloured.
  • Possible confusion : Sigatoka


  • Production areas affected :


  •  Myrothecium spp. reported on base :
Last change : 07/08/22
Figure 1
Figure 2