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Powdery mildew

(Powdery mildew)


  • Essentially ectoparasitic obligate parasitic ascomycete fungi.
  • Mycelium growing superficially on the aerial organs of plants, especially the leaves. Suçoirs (hautoria) ensure its fixation and nutrition. It is internal in the case of some particular powdery mildew, such as Leveillula taurica for example.
  • More or less short conidiophores produced on the mycelium, at the end of which conidia are formed in more or less long chains (asexual form). Cleistothecia (sexual form) are sometimes observed there, but rather exceptionally.
  • Typical symptoms: powdery white leaf spots, even circular to angular chlorotic spots.
  • Several powdery mildews affect tropical vegetable crops that belong to various genera: Pseudoidium , Podosphaera , Golovinomyces , Leveillula , etc.
Last change : 07/21/22