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Symptoms of Corynespora cassiicola on tomato

  • Organs attacked :
Leaves Fruits Stem


  • Symptoms :
    • Small moist lesions appearing on the upper surface of the leaves, sometimes locally bordered by a vein (figures 1 to 6).
    • Rather circular spots reaching 2 cm in diameter, haloed by a clearly visible yellow halo (figure 3), and presenting concentric patterns reminiscent of those of a target (target spots) (figures 3 to 6).
    • Brown, longitudinal lesions on the stem and petioles (figures 7 to 9), sometimes encircling it completely and causing the leaves to dry up.
    • Small spots on the flowers (figure 10) and especially the fruits, light brown with a darker margin, and of a dry consistency (figure 11). They are wider and circular on ripe fruit. Slightly depressed, they end up browning and splitting in their center.
  • Signs : fruiting bodies of the fungus dot the lesions, sometimes giving them a slight dark gray to black tint (figure 12). They consist of simple conidiophores, more or less brown, bearing conidia isolated or in short chains, cylindrical, straight or curved, subhyaline to olive brown, and septate (5-18 septa).
  • Possible confusion : Alternaria ( Alternaria tomatophila ), etc.
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  • Production areas affected :
Mayotte Guyana New Caledonia


Last change : 07/08/22
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