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The Asteraceae are a large family of dicotyledonous plants, also called Compositae, comprising herbaceous plants, even if the family also includes trees, shrubs or lianas. In this family, some genera are edible and produced by market gardeners:

  • Lactuca (lettuces - Lactuca sativa ), whose tender leaves are eaten as a green salad;
  • Cichorium which are grown for their leaves ( escarole endive and curly - Cichorium endivia ), (chicon or endive - Cichorium intybus ), or for their roots (coffee substitute called chicory - Cichorium intybus ). As well as the genera Cynara (artichoke and cardoon), Tragopogon (salsify), Helianthus (Jerusalem), etc.
  • Acmella , including brède mafane ( Acmella oleracea ) in Creole and regional French of Madagascar and the Mascarenes. This plant is not only consumed by Madagascans, Comorians, Reunionese and South Americans. It has been adopted by all of Southeast Asia. It is commonly found in Chinese grocery stores. Leaves can be used fresh or dried
  • Sonchus , including the pungent sow-thistle ( Sonchus asper ) or brède lastron whose young leaves are sold by the bunch and eaten, the oldest being really too bitter.
Last change : 07/22/22