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Scrobipalpopsis (Tecia) solanivora

(Guatemalan potato moth)


The adult is a small dark to light brown moth (photo 1) with a wingspan of 15-22 mm and the larval stage (photo 2) is the most devastating (photos 3 and 4).


Initially present in Central America, this potato tuber moth has been present in Spain (Canary Islands) since 1999 and has no other plant host known besides the potato.


Specific control measures (no plant export from areas where it is present) have to be taken in order to avoid further spread to Northern European areas.

Last change : 07/03/18
Teigne du guatémala Scrobipalpopsis (Tecia) solanivora
Figure 1
Teigne du Guatémala Scrobipalpopsis (Tecia) solanivora
Figure 2
Dégâts sur tuberules de la Teigne du Guatémala, Scrobipalpopsis (Tecia) solanivora
Figure 3
Teigne du Guatémala Scrobipalpopsis (Tecia) solanivora
Figure 4