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Protection methods


In the United States, a country heavily affected by damage caused by Monographella cucumerina , the following measures are proposed:
- carry out rotations of at least two years in the absence of zucchini, patisson ... and pumpkin, and choose sunny plots, and well drained;
- bury plant debris quickly at the end of cultivation in order to accelerate their decomposition and thus reduce the rate of inoculum;
- apply fungicides as soon as the very first symptoms are observed. Various fungicides are more or less effective: chlorothalonil, azoxystrobin and other stobilirins, maneb, mancozeb. Strobilurins should be used sparingly as the selection of resistant strains is to be feared.

(This fungus does not affect Cucurbitaceae in France. No fungicide is currently approved for this use)

Varietal sensitivity differences would exist between Cucurbitaceae; this finding fluctuates according to the authors.

* Chemical control : The number of pesticides available for a given use is constantly changing, we advise you to always confirm your choice by consulting the e-phy site of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries which is an online catalog plant protection products and their uses, fertilizers and growing media approved in France. This also applies to all biological products based on microorganisms or natural substances.

Last change : 04/16/21