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Ditylenchus dipsaci
(Kühn, 1857)

A parasitic tobacco nematode


- classification : Animalia, Nematoda, Secernentea, Tylenchida, Anguinidae
- English name : Stem-break nematode

Many "physiological races" have been described within the Ditylenchus dipsaci species. Some of them seem to be relatively specialised in one or a few hosts, for instance "Alfalfa" or "clover " races, other races seem more polyphagous. This is especially true for the "beet” race, which infects tobacco in Switzerland. Beyond the Swiss studies, the host specificity of races occuring in tobacco in other countries is not well-known.
Ditylenchus dipsaci is spread worldwide. It has been reported on tobacco in some countries in America and Asia, but it does not cause significant losses. In Europe, its incidence is occasionally severe in isolated cases. Serious outbreaks have been reported in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Also in France, the disease has occasionally been reported in Alsace. In general, it is rather rare and not considered a limiting factor for tobacco production in this region.

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  • D Blancard (INRA)