Final diagnosis


Abnormally threadlike melon leaf due to incomplete leaf blade growth.  <b> Phytotoxicity </b>
Malformation of a young melon leaf following a slight burn that occurred very early on the meristem.  This one is now abnormally cut out.  <b> Phytotoxicity </b>.
The leaves of this young twig are sharper than normal and embossed.  <b> Phytotoxicity </b>
The periphery of the blade of this melon leaf is serrated, the ramifications of the veins form more "acute" angles.  <b> Phytotoxicity </b>
Interveinal chlorosis of the first leaf of a young melon plant;  the periphery of the lamina necrosis.  <b> Phytotoxicity </b>
Rapid yellowing and whitening rather affecting the leaves at the apex.  <b> Phytotoxicity </b>
Diffuse and heterogeneous yellowing of a melon leaf.  <b> Phytotoxicity </b>
Homogeneous interveinal yellowing of part of a leaf.  <b> Phytotoxicity </b>
Yellowing of the veins of the 2 cotyledons of a melon seedling.  <b> Phytotoxicity </b>
Yellowing of the leaf blade beginning with the veins.  <b> Phytotoxicity </b>
Yellowing of the leaf blade periphery of a melon leaf;  copper phytotoxicity may be the cause of such a symptom.  <b> Phytotoxicity </b>
The tissues on the periphery of the leaf blade of this melon leaf have withered, taken on a dark tint, and are beginning to die off.  <b> Phytotoxicity </b>
Thinning of the veins and inter-vein tissues of a melon leaf, which takes on a tan tint.  <b> Phytotoxicity </b>
Multitude of small necrotic spots giving the melon leaf a tanned appearance.  <b> Phytotoxicity </b> (leaf spots)
This melon leaf was burnt locally following treatment;  the necrotic lesions formed are at the origin of the deformation of the limbus.  <b> Phytotoxicity </b>
Numerous beige to brown necrotic lesions cover and deform the blade of this melon leaf, some are located along the veins.  <b> Phytotoxicity </b>
Several spots dot the blade of this melon leaf.  These spots are beige in the center and brown on the periphery.  <b> Phytotoxicity </b>
A beige to yellowish area, more or less well defined, is visible on this melon leaf.  <b> Phytotoxicity </b>
The neck of this melon stalk is excessively swollen and its root system is severely reduced.  <b> Phytotoxicity </b>
This melon is covered with small more or less oily alterations and in relief.  <b> Phytotoxicity </b>
The face of this melon, the most exposed to phytosanitary treatments, is rather uniformly corky and cracked.  <b> Phytotoxicities </b>