Final diagnosis

Eat buds

Eat butterfly bud <em> Peribatodes rhomboidaria </em>
The moth of the nocturnal bride lays its eggs, finely ribbed, in large numbers on the underside of the leaves, at the end of summer.  It is the little caterpillar that will overwinter.
Looper caterpillar of <em> Peribatodes rhomboidaria </em>.  photo by J. Bayle (
Butterfly Noctuidae, with its two spots on the fore wings and the hind wings brightly colored.
<em> Theresimima ampellophaga </em> butterfly and caterpillar (in the frame), occasional pest of the vine.  Photo by P. Gros (
<em> Noctua pronuba </em> caterpillar buried in the ground during the day.