Daktulosphaira vitifoliae (Fitch 1851)


Grapevine root-aphid


Grapevine phylloxera is caused by a stinging insect similar to aphids. Native to North America, this insect is a monophagous oviparous at all stages of its development.

D. vitifoliae was the origin, from 1863, of a major wine health crisis in Europe which could not be overcome until 30 years later, thanks to the grafting of Vitis vinifera on resistant rootstocks of origin. American.

Today phylloxera is present in almost all of the French vineyard, but it no longer damages the root systems of grafted vines. However, we are currently observing a resurgence of leaf attacks of the gallicola form on the grafts in certain plots without this being detrimental for the moment for the harvest.

Classification : Animalia, Arthropoda, Hemiptera, Phylloxeridae, Dactylosphaera
Synonymes : Viteus vitifoliae, Dactylosphaera vitifoliae, Phylloxera vastatrix
English name : Grapevine root-aphid

Last change : 04/26/21