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Tobacco streak virus (TSV)


The tobacco streak virus (TSV) belongs to the family Bromoviridae and the genus Ilarvirus (Figure 1). It is transmitted by several species of thrips ( Thrips tabaci, Frankliniella spp.). But, also, by the seed in beans and several weeds such as Datura stramonium , Chenopodium quinoa , Helilotus alba ...

- Symptoms

Numerous small necrotic spots on leaves; one can also note there chlorotic and concentric rings, becoming necrotic. The deformed, wrinkled leaves give a special appearance to the plants. The growth of the latter may be slowed down; they sometimes necrotize completely and die.

- Main characteristics

Globally widespread, it naturally or experimentally infects many hosts, such as cotton, tomato, asparagus, beans, soybeans, grapes, strawberries, alfalfa, tobacco, ornamental plants ( Dahlia spp., Rosa setigera , gladiolus) ... It is found on several weeds ( Chenopodium quinoa , Datura stramonium ...) which border the plots of salad and therefore help to promote its epidemics. It is weak on salad . Lettuce appears to be much less sensitive than chicory. Some of the control methods recommended for controlling TSWV are applicable .

Last change : 04/27/21
Figure 1