Vine Web Alert: Take part!


The Vine Alert Web was originally created by the IFV to assess the spatialization of hailstorms in May 2009. It quickly turned into a participatory plot monitoring tool. Available on the Epicure site, the tool aims to collect information from the field (diseases, pests, or climatic accidents), centralize their processing and return them in cartographic form to allow sharing to the entire technical community of the knowledge of the health of the vineyard in real time.

The Ephytia platform is associated with the IFV to allow users to enter observations from the mobile application Apple or Android available on the download platforms.

Entering an observation

the IFV has established a single rating scale for all the variables identified within the framework of the harmonized protocol set up for the Biological Surveillance of the Wine-growing Territory (SBT): a simple rating scale is thus established from 0 to 5 for each disease, pest or climatic accident listed.


If you are registered on the Ephytia platform, you can access the field observation entry forms which are available in four tabs:

  • Climatic accidents
  • Leaf or cluster diseases
  • Wood diseases
  • Pests

For each report, you just need to fill in the information and attach a photo to submit the data collected for validation.

The success of a collaborative approach depends on the number of its participants, and on a “critical mass of information” capable of being returned to members who use the network.

Last change : 04/20/21