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Setophoma terrestris

(HN Hansen) Gruyter, Aveskamp & Verkley (2010)

Pink roots


- classification : Fungi, Ascomycota, Dothideomycetes, Pleosporomycetidae, Pleosporales, Incertae sedis
- synonymie :  Phoma terrestris  H.N. Hansen (1929) ;  Pyrenochaeta terrestris  (H.N. Hansen) Gorenz, J.C. Walker & Larson, (1948)
- English names: pink root

The agent of pink root disease, S. terrestris , is a fungus known to attack soil-borne Alliums , especially onions, but also garlic and shallots. It has also been isolated from plants belonging to more than 45 botanical genera, all over the world. This pathogen is well adapted to sub-temperate, temperate and tropical climates due to its ability to survive in different types of soils, in the presence of a wide range of temperatures and pH. Considered as a saprophyte or parasite of weakness, it sometimes interacts with other soil parasitic fungi.

It has been reported on several Cucurbits around the world, including watermelon, cucumber, and melon . It is isolated sporadically from the roots of the latter host, often in complex with other soil-borne pests, in particular Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. melonis . The few "melon" strains of S. terrestris tested were found to be pathogenic on melon.

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