Final diagnosis

Rot in Monilia

Some berries of this bunch of grapes are affected by moniliosis.  <b> <i> Monilia </i> sp. </b>
Rotten berries have a dark tint and are more or less shriveled.  <b> <i> Monilia </i> sp. </b>
Spore pads characterizing the parasitism of a <b> <i> Monilia </i> sp. </b> on grape berries.  (rot in Monilia, or moniliosis)
Conidia of <b> <i> Monilia </i> sp. </b> are formed in large numbers from hemispherical pads.  (moniliosis)
Detail of the formation of conidia in a <b> <i> Monilia </i> sp.  </b> (moniliosis)